The Urbanspace Difference

The Urbanspace Difference

Many of us at Urbanspace Logistics have worked alongside interior designers at previous jobs, and we know how things work from their point of view. All of us have booked a moving company when moving to our next apartment, condo, or house. We were all consistently met with the same set of issues when trying to work with local logistics and moving companies. After doing our research and reaching out to other members of the design community, we found that we were not alone:

Have you ever had a hard time reaching your logistics or moving company over the phone or through emails, sometimes for days or weeks? So have we.

Has your logistics or moving company ever shown up late, without the correct items? Ours have too.

Have your items ever disappeared from your logistics company’s warehouse? So have ours.

Have you ever had your inventory returned to you damaged? We have too.

Have you been made to feel like you are a valued client by your logistics company? We haven’t either.

Our vision was a simple one: fix the problems that we were encountering and create an environment that encouraged our employees to treat clients and their projects seriously. Urbanspace Logistics employees are the highest paid, most extensively trained, and most experienced logistics team in Central Texas. This means that when you deal with us, you deal with the best. We respond quickly; we show up on time with the correct items; we use the best available technology to track your inventory; we treat your property like it’s our own; most importantly, we treat our clients with respect. You may not be our only client, but we want you to feel like you are. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it. We would love to let our experience work for you.

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