Installation Services

Furniture Installation

Urbanspace Logistics was founded to serve Austin’s Interior Design community. We understand and appreciate the hard work that designers put into their projects; we feel that your design project deserves a seamless and easy execution of the installation process. That’s where we come in. From receiving and storing, to providing up to date records and inventory lists, and showing up prepared with the correct inventory, Urbanspace Logistics is there for designers who want to worry less about the installation process.

Art Installation

Urbanspace Logistics is your go-to art installation company. Our Installation Specialists are experts using any type of hardware, including Security hardware, anchors, and French cleats. We can hang floor and ceiling art in any material, from concrete and brick to dry wall and paneling. Whether you need to hang a gallery wall, sign, or your new favorite piece of art, Urbanspace Logistics is ready to help.

Our team knows that art often comes with a hefty price tag. Our Installation Specialists know how treat even the most delicate art and sculptures, so that you can rest easy as we bring your vision to life. No matter how big or how small, we handle every project and every item with the respect and care that it deserves.

How can we assist your design business?

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